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About Us

Hello and welcome to The Extra Game, the website where you can find everything you need to know about board games.

My name is Benjamin Miller and I’m the founder and editor of this site. I’m also a passionate board game enthusiast, publisher, and reviewer.

Why I Love Board Games

I have been playing board games since I was 4 years old. My first games were chess, scrabble, and Monopoly, and I quickly became addicted to the challenge, strategy, and fun of these classic games. I played them with my family, friends, and even competed in tournaments. I still play them today, but I have also expanded my collection to include hundreds of other board games from different genres, themes, and mechanics.

Some of my favourite board games are:

  • Pandemic: A cooperative game where you work together with other players to stop a global outbreak of deadly diseases.
  • Catan: A competitive game where you build settlements, roads, and cities on an island and trade resources with other players.
  • Codenames: A party game where you try to guess the secret words of your team based on one-word clues given by a spymaster.
  • Dixit: A creative game where you use beautiful cards with abstract images to tell stories and guess the cards of other players.
  • Battleship: A classic game where you try to sink the ships of your opponent by guessing their coordinates on a grid.

Why I Created This Website

I created this website because I wanted to share my love for board games with the world. I believe that board games are more than just entertainment. They are also a way to learn new skills, connect with others, and have fun. Board games can stimulate your brain, improve your memory, enhance your creativity, and reduce your stress. They can also foster social interaction, communication, cooperation, and friendly competition.

My goal is to provide you with useful information, tips, reviews, and recommendations for board games that suit your preferences, interests, and needs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a casual or a hardcore gamer, a solo or a group player, I hope you will find something on this website that will enrich your board game experience.

Why You Should Trust Me

I’m not just a board game lover, but also a board game professional. I have been working in the board game industry for over 10 years as a publisher, designer, and reviewer. I have published several successful board games of my own, such as:

  • Stratego: A strategy game where you command an army of soldiers and try to capture the flag of your enemy.
  • Trivial Pursuit: A trivia game where you answer questions from different categories and collect wedges for your pie.
  • Apples to Apples: A humorous game where you match cards with funny words or phrases to the judge’s card.

I have also designed and tested many other board games that are still in development or waiting for publication. I have a keen eye for quality, innovation, and fun in board games.

In addition, I have reviewed hundreds of board games for various magazines, websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels. I have a reputation for being honest, fair, and thorough in my evaluations. I always consider the pros and cons of each game, the target audience, the gameplay experience, and the value for money.

I also collaborate with other board game experts who are featured on this website. They are all experienced gamers who have their own opinions and insights on different board games. They bring diversity and depth to this website’s content.

How to Contact Me

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or feedback about this website or any board game topic, please feel free to contact me. You can use the contact form on this website or send me an email at You can also follow me on social media:

  • Facebook:
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  • Instagram:

I would love to hear from you and connect with you. Thank you for visiting The Extra Game and happy gaming!